in Life

Conflicts within

It is easy to find binary in the physical setting of life where it thrives. And when the strands of non-binary continuum emerge out from the simple moments in life, at some point in time, one often reaches an impasse with them. Conflicts and paradoxical stances that are beyond the capabilities of the human mind.

I am no exception. And my only solution for handling such conundrums is to crash down and brood on it like a human. To paint the agony, I would need a knife and a bowl to hold my blood so I can dip my hands deep and daub two storms, burning as tall as my torso would allow, with a zeroed out pressure region at the centre where I would be floating.

When a system is at the verge of the conflict, impossible to find a solution, the only way to resolve a solution for the system’s quandary is to refactor it or rebuild it from scratch. I wish I could refactor the memories or rebuild the pathways of time in that sense, but the dimensions are beyond me and out of my reach.

The collisions and the contradictions it ensues in me have taken away the peace. I stay awake, though I close my eyes, hoping for a rupture in the dimension that can breach me and take me back.

This is not fun any more.