Dischafer – Lost And Found

Update 1: I'm working on a revision of the book. Please check back later.

Update 2: It's done! 😀 Phase 2 works in progress!

Update 3: A few more days! Everything is done! 96%! 😀

A hospital bombing causes a devastating melancholy in a man's life, transforming it into a living hell. After two years of grieving, he follows Maura's last entry in her diary--the word 'Dischafer' and a phone number--to seek answers. His research leads him to a dying town, Mnowa, where an underground military silo holds the key for all his answers. He breaks in and risks his deranged life to discover the interred truths about Dischafer. But to reclaim the truth back, he must battle his own mind and fight an army.

Dischafer - Book - 3D Frame - Karthikeyan KCI travel to Mnowa, a dystopian town in the northern outskirts of the Central National Command, to investigate about a bombing back in the city. Though my mission is unclear, I know that I must find Mark Travis, a colonel in the Central Military Command, who is stationed at an isolated underground silo facility at the bottom of the Mnowan hill.

Following Maura's final entry in her diary—the word 'Dischafer' and a phone number—I have bribed all my way to Mnowa, only to meet Travis. Knowing that I will end up dead like the journalist who also tried to get into the silo, I try a different plan that brings Travis to my doorstep. But the ramifications of the meeting leave me stranded with intrusive thoughts and blood on my hands.

Battling my haunting thoughts from the past, I push myself towards the silo facility to finish what I came for. But soon I discover a shocking truth about Dischafer, and my life takes extreme turns, unraveling the path to my reclamation.

I must get into the facility to reclaim my life for one last time.

And to save my redemption, I must defy Travis and his army.