Book Summary

After the bombing, I found my sister's diary. Her last entry was the word 'Dischafer' and a phone number.

Two years later, I ended up at Mnowa, a declining town at the northern CNC border. I found him! The colonel. He was at the military silo on the Mnowan hill.

To get to that silo, I did horrible things, knowing my soul could never be reclaimed. But then I found what Dischafer was!


This revolution edition of Dischafer from Karthikeyan KC is a soulful revision of the first edition published in 2015. After five years since the original release, Dischafer is now back again with a revision that retains everything readers enjoyed in the first edition. If you are into first-person narratives, science fiction, drama, or noire, go for it!

Ebook and Paperback image of Karthikeyan KC's Dischafer (Revolution Edition 2020). Illustrative only.

500 INR


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