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A Life, A Hack

A Life A Hack

April 15, 2021 – 6:30 PM

The thick grey cotton balls vied with each other to gobble up the entire city. It was time for me to rush things up a bit too. I’d been mucked up with so many issues in that apartment for the past three months, and I was so determined not to spend another miserable day in that state of life. I took out my rifle from underneath the bed. There were so many good vantage points for a sniper in my building. Yet, I chose that cumbersome corner that was so open that anyone on the road could easily spot me. I didn’t care, for all the desperate self-destruction had already begun.

6: 35 PM

She was gazing at the pool by the patio, with some occasional sips of her champagne. The look on her face never changed in that three months. Those pair of deserted eyes looked even sadder in that scope. I slowly moved the reticle to the middle of her forehead. I waited.

6:47 PM

My patience wore thin, my hunger grew strong, and my boredom grew into a beast. But I still waited, wobbling the reticle around her motionless forehead.

6:58 PM

She finally turned her head to the right, as her husband’s car rolled the garage doors. It was a perfectly timed shot. The payload went through her skull, very deep into her head and found its sweet spot.

A double beep on my computer confirmed that the device activated successfully with a functioning channel.

7:00 PM

The device took two minutes to initiate the transmission. It was all up to my almost dead computer for the next two hours to sort and convert all that data. Then it’d be my burden to find the needles from those monstrous haystacks.

April 21, 2021 – 6:32 PM

I was on the patio, relaxing with a nice food since years. I gazed at my old apartment window. She stood there with her husband, gazing at the clouds with a smile.