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The Fallen

An inch closer, I would have made it. But somehow I messed up. I have to live with it forever. The wind was a bit rough that day. But it was all quick, and I didn’t have the time or mind to think about the wind or anything that could have possibly affected it. Before anyone reacted, I forced myself and raised to handle the tragedy. The grimacing eyes around me made the walk of shame even worse.

Once I made it to the spot, I didn’t dare to touch it. But I wouldn’t be a noble man if I didn’t. A few remorseful breaths and a nod — I gave in and forgave myself. I looked at the others, acknowledging what I have done. The judgemental eyes now turned anxious, though they knew what I was about to do.

It was better that way — to do it with honour than with shame.

I picked the crumpled paper off the floor and dropped it in the dustbin.