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I have my own handwriting as a font now

My new obsession for a custom font is over now, after two days of literally dotting my i’s and crossing my t’s. 28 hours with paper, pen, Inkscape and FontForge, I finally created a font out of my own handwriting. Well, it’s pretty close anyway. To get it done faster, I should have used my handwriting directly on a printed template. Yet, I decided to embrace the arduous task of using the mouse to draw the entire glyphs of my individual handwritten letters, numbers and special characters.

My super-awesome handwriting!

These meticulously (this word still reminds me of Carl Sagan!) smoothened glyphs, with some sweet kerning pairs added, turned out better than I expected.

So why did I create this? I have no idea… However, I should pat myself on the back for my little narcissism there…