in Life

Life and everything at 25

I am writing this to the fellow kids like me who are really confused right now, in their mid-20 iteration of their earthly life. Especially for the humans out there who have too much time on their hands to fathom life right up to the metaphysical point.

In a few months, I’m going to hit 25. It is quite hard to imagine that I am a freaking adult now! The improvised swords, sheet capes, and the toys in my room make it even harder to process this transition. And I am here, writing this, like a guy who has it all figured out!

No, I haven’t! And probably will never figure out anything when it comes to life. Because there is nothing to find out about it in the first place. Life just happens!

Planning is an abstract thing and is not really that fun to do. Each and every moment from my kindergarten to engineering was meticulously planned, and it had really taken the fun out of my life in a way. I had to break a few norms here and there to make it interesting again, but the plans always took away something from me.

If you try to plan your life ahead, you’ll certainly have a vivid clue about the future, and you will start expecting something to happen. You run simulations in your mind with ultimate future fantasies and end up over thinking it and spoiling the moment when it really happens. It prematurely sucks out that energy from you that you need for living in that moment. It ends worse when other humans get involved in plotting your life, mostly from their viewpoint.

I am now at this stage of life where things are still transitioning, and I am supposed to have a working plan in place. Every day, there’s someone around me constantly asking me to take life seriously and sometimes even trying to help me plan it. And as an only child, it only gets harder, as I have enormous responsibilities on my head now to figure out my life and secure a livelihood.

I stopped planning a long time ago! I started making choices as life happens. I do what makes me happy, with no expectation or clue what comes next. Right or wrong, it’s not boring! I live in the present, and I enjoy that. And as for the unspoilt future, it is so enticing and thrilling. Having experienced this, how could I ruin all this by planning?

*In Yoda’s voice* Planning is the path to the darkness. Planning leads to over thinking. Over thinking leads to contemplating life. Contemplating life leads to depression.

The combination of good and bad (aka not-so-serious) choices is what makes the moments of my life interesting. If I were to plan a secure life ahead and find myself a job that would take the time away from my passion for exploring, I would rather get bitten by a zombie and walk ten thousand kilometres with a computer keyboard in my hand.

Of course, I do need to pay my bills. I have that hope in me that one day, the choices I make now and the things that I do with passion, will find a way for that. But until that day, I will be happy doing what I love, and it’s the only thing that matters in the present.

The future will always happen, and it is inevitable! So why spoil the surprise by planning the damn thing and letting that scheme decide your choices? Let the choices determine the course of your life. Once you start planning and try being a precognitive human, you will only be choosing the stuff that you need to pick and not the ones that you love to.

Make the choices you love while you can! Life may or may not fall in line, but you will figure out what you really love.