in Life


Sometimes it’s so weird to be alone. Not that I hate being alone, but it’s just those particular dark days where I’m left alone with no shoulders to lean on. An only child cannot really share all kinds of stuff with his parents or close friends. That’s where my blog come in. A crazy bond between my words, a lonely reader like you, and a lonely writer like me. High five for that! 😎

I used to doodle and ramble things when I get euphoric or take the plunge so deep into melancholy. Here, in this website you’ll see a lot of me in my natural habitat expressing the freaky mind of mine.

I really don’t like opening up to the internet, but in my state of mind, I think this is for the greater good. I don’t really have a choice either! Though I pretend to be the most rationally evolved human in the universe, deep inside, I’m just a normal narcissistic human, trying hard not to grow up.

Have fun.