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The best cartoon show ever

Two cats in an awesome jet, fighting evil and trying to win the heart of the cute Miss Briggs… What could be a better cartoon show than this? If it weren’t for Swat Kats, my whole childhood cartoon experience would have sucked for sure. Indeed, it was the show that rescued me from the clutches of the old NES console of mine. I stumbled upon the old Cartoon Network logo today, hitting me with all these 90s nostalgia.


Though it was weird watching Cats everywhere, T-Bone and Razor taught me three important things. The existence of VTOL jets, friendship, and the word ‘Bingo!’.

I’d proudly say that Swat Kats played a bigger role in my life, leading me to aeronautics. My first ever love for a fictitious machine was the Turbokat.


What’s not to love in this machine? VTOL, extremely awesome weapons, not to mention the uber cool Cyclotron.


Man! It was one awesome ride for only a few handful of episodes. I really miss those thrilling air-to-air combats. I recently read that the campaign for a Swat Kats animated movie was a success. A reboot called Swat Kats: Revolution, from the creators of Swat Kats themselves, is on the way. Hope it’s already in the making.

I want my Turbokat back!