in Life

The beautiful thing about writing is it’s how a human can express himself in an intimate and an innate way. Dischafer’s inception shares a similar spark where I wanted to share something. Not to anyone but myself.


Dischafer is my serendipitous treasure. If I should be honest, Dischafer is so many things for me than my first novel. It kept me focused, it put me back on a track that I momentarily derailed, it gave me a world that’s different from this.


And the inception of the story was quite unusual for me. I usually put myself through a rigorous mental process to lay out an outline for the plot and start with a plan. But Dischafer was quite simple to start.

A clueless guy, so worn down my something, trudges on a lonely road, on an afternoon. A barrage of questions hit me. I answered them in an order that I could make sense of to understand this person, and thus it all happened.

It all happened so fast. May be that’s how desperate I was for a distraction! It took just five days for me to complete all the chapters. I had a story. A story that somehow came out of my mind that I wanted for myself.

But then I wanted everyone to read. Maybe it’s because I wanted them to. Or maybe it’s just the hype and excitement of creating a whole new world and executing it to my contentment.


Once the thought of getting it to the world popped in me, I spent another four months editing it. My dear friend, Santhosh, helped me shape my story into a novel by reading my words, putting his stellar patience to work, and criticizing it for the first time

Dedicating one more month for cover designs and promotional media, I finally self-published Dischafer on April 10th to the world. And clicking the ‘Publish’ button … let’s say it felt like opening a wormhole to your world with an invitation. It is one of the happiest days ever!