in Life

The voice of my existence

“So why the human form?” I asked.

“It’s human… For you!” She replied.

“Again! Why me?”

“You are one of the few who came closer to the threshold. A limit beyond which you could have figured out the whole plan.” She tread, scanning all those dilapidated homes.

“Plan?” I scoffed. “This seems more like a vicious plot. Wouldn’t it make you a terrorizing race?”

She stopped and turned. “You cannot understand this even if I explain in its simplest form. I am not the terrorizing one here. You will be!” She turned back and walked. “Every time, you pick the same choices, and succumb to your own volition, you get closer to the darkness. I am here to prevent that!”

I cracked up hard for a while. I knew it made her angry, but whatever, it was ridiculous. After I calmed myself, I paced ahead. “If I may ask, didn’t you just decide to play god?”

“There!” She pointed. “It’s always the same case. If you don’t understand something, you resort to a meta state of ideas to create something that could sound reasonable for you. In this iteration, if you could have put a little work into thinking beyond that, you could have understood this.”

“For the record, I never said I believed in the idea of god! It is a ridiculous one, yes! But isn’t it the free will of human beings to think so? Some explanation is always better than no explanation. Above all of that! How would you explain yourself?”

This went on for the next twenty or thirty minutes. She thrashed the way we live, I thrashed her for the way she thought about humans and it went on in many directions that opened many chaotic doors. She is here to do what she had done many times and I knew she wouldn’t take a word from our combined thoughts, let alone the words from my stream of thoughts.

“Okay! Okay! You won! Now please stop talking! I have things to do!” I turned to my computer.

She smirked at me for accepting the fact that her argument stood and stopped the simulation. She then switched to the voice and said, “If I ever incarnate to your form, you should know that I am not only wiser than you but stronger too! It’s one little thought for you that crossed the human barrier and now you have an eternal sibling who you can’t punch in the face.”